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  • 地球人房屋央视报道视频

    Video of the earth's house CCTV


  • 地球人轻钢别墅视频介绍

    Video introduction of the earth man light steel villa


  • 地球人轻钢房屋防火实验

    Fire prevention experiment of light steel house in earth


  • 地球人装配式建筑施工现场

    construction site of the earth assembly building

  • 地球人轻钢别墅报道

    Earth man light steel villa Report

  • 地球人装配式建筑科技

    Earth assembly architecture technology

  • 地球人轻重组合房屋

    light and heavy composite house of the earth

  • 地球人轻钢别墅项目案例2

    case of the earth man light steel villa project 2

  • 地球人轻钢学校案例

    Case of the earth light steel school

  • 地球人房屋报道及墙板

    Earth man house report and wallboard

  • 地球人房屋走进科学

    Earthman housing enters Science

    Green earth building products in Qingdao, China, enter CCTV

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About us


brief introduction to the earth

China, Shandong, Qingdao earth man Green Building Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a specialized company focused on high-end residential industry. Since its establishment in 2016, the company has always focused on the R & D, production and sales of high-end villas. The main products are: cold-formed thin-walled light steel villas, fabricated villas, quick loading villas, extended pulling houses four series. Related products include: decoration building materials, overall kitchen, outdoor landscape, overall bathroom, energy system, fresh water system, sewage treatment system, intelligent home system, security system and so on. At present, the main products of the company are: high-end villa custom, standardized holiday house, standardized old-age house, assembly hotel construction, assembly type student apartment, and provide overall housing solutions: scenery complementary power generation, rainwater collection, seawater desalination, underground water well establishment, sewage treatment, smart home, security products An integral whole company. All products are produced in Chinese factories. Only simple ground treatment and assembly work is needed at the scene. According to different products and decoration standards generally need 5-30 days to live on the beloved "home"!

In the great era of China's great revival dream, in response to the country's "going out" strategy, and following the steps of the national strategy "along the road", the people along the country along the road are taking good quality, cheap and satisfactory housing products. Let more people enjoy the warmth and happiness of "high-grade and warm home". At present, China is in the stage of transition from rapid development to high quality development. Let the world enjoy the dividends brought by the development of China, "Earth man house" as a professional housing company also make the same responsibility to bring the company's production of environmental, efficient, noble housing products to love the enjoyment of high quality life.

In order to serve the people who love peace, friendship and noble life all over the world, the company's team research decides the cooperation partners and agents in Australia, Canada, the United States, Japan, Europe and Arabia. The company provides complete factory housing products, complete set of technical manuals and installation training materials. Let us trust mutual trust, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation. While meeting people's "home", you and I work together to realize your dream. Because your presence makes your home a better mission.

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About Us

Corporate advantage

Corporate advantage

  • Factory production

    All the building materials are standardized and manufactured in the factory. The scene can only be completed by assembling and processing some details.

  • 24 hours for you

    The earth's green house is based on the Chinese factory. It is now going to Australia, Canada, South America, Africa and other national markets... Both day and night can serve you all over the world!

  • Fast house

    In the factory, the housing materials are made into semi-finished products and assembled quickly. 2 weeks to live in a new house, and so on and so on quickly action belongs to their own house!

  • Global delivery

    Earthman Standardized Housing has achieved customized products - standardized product assembly line operations, now around the world to solicit agent cooperation, warehousing distribution service customers

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  • 新闻1

    News 1

    Light steel villas produced by Qingdao Earthman Housing Company in Shandong Province of China are made of special steel of military grade. It can last 300 years without rust, high utilization rate and fast speed.

  • 新闻4

    The hotel was awarded a compensation for emotional distress.

    A building plan to replace traditional architecture

  • 新闻5

    The hotel was awarded a com

    The traditional red brick and light steel villas reflect a little bit of light steel villa.

  • 快速房屋

    Fast house

    In the factory, the housing materials are made into semi-finished products and assembled quickly. 2 weeks to live in a new house, and so on and so on quickly action belongs to their own house!

  • 新闻3

    The hotel was awarded a compensation for emotional distress.

    Light steel housing era, choose light steel housing method!

  • 新闻2

    The hotel was awarded a co

    In the face of natural disasters before the earthquake, we seem so small. And light steel villa is to solve the earthquake disaster brought to people's misfortune.

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