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Shandong law and law firm was established by lawyer he debao, lawyer liu Yang and lawyer han lunhui, and approved by the department of justice of shandong province on June 21, 2017.Law and provide human resources is a characteristic legal services of professional organizations, to provide customers with enterprise establishment, operation, merger, division, restructuring, downsizing, relocation, labor law, company law and other one-stop comprehensive services in the process of dissolution is the law and the characteristics of the brand service.

Law and purpose: to build a harmonious society, to contribute labor and wisdom.

The service concept of labor and service: follow the management mode of corporation, implement the business operation mode of professional division of labor and team cooperation;Detailed division of business, effective.

Collaboration support to provide customers with professional, quality and efficient legal services.

The labor law team leader and the director of the labor law, he debao lawyer, studied in the field of labor law for many years and became an expert in the field.Labor protection department of the all-china lawyers association professional committee member, shandong is jointed labor protection, deputy director of professional committee of Qingdao city in shandong province government legal experts, outstanding lawyer, federation of trade unions in shandong province and Qingdao city federation of trade unions legal advisory board member.

Release time:2018-01-31
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